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--WikiSysop 09:46, 7 February 2010 (UTC)

This wiki exists as a reference and guide for members of the BiStar Co-op and non-members as well.

In general, the BiStar Co-op exists to enhance the lives of people by providing the required body of knowledge, skills, and services. We intend to clear the fog that obscures the path to prosperity and well-being through association with others.

It is important that, together, we define our goals. Our objectives are those of the whole, and not just that of any one individual, or the majority.

Current Objectives under Consideration

  1. Decrease social isolation.
    1. Provide ways to meet with others and ways to keep in touch.
    2. Use modern communication technology to bind our membership.
      1. Internet
      2. Cell phones
  2. Tap into the abilities, resources, wisdom, and knowledge of others.
  3. Provide ways for you to advance in your personal and business life.
  4. Discover and take real advantage of opportunities.
    1. Find what works and and what doesn't.
    2. Find people who are willing and able to work with you.
    3. Reduce expense by combining our purchasing power.
  5. Avoid information overload.
  6. Don't re-invent the wheel.
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