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--WikiSysop 10:38, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

Telephones shall be the primary means of communication for most members. Many members won't have a computer. Phones are more readily accessable than computers. It is much easier to speak than it is to type for most people.

We use several telephone services for a variety of purposes.

  • Safercalls
    • Safercalls is used to host our co-op's business number: (913)535-0200 for a monthly fee of $19.99
  • Phonevite
    • Community based telephone voice broadcasting. Can call up to 30,000 people simultaneously with a pre-recorded message at $0.05 per call ($1,500.00 for 30,000 calls).
  • Voice2Page
    • Place a phone call to make public comments on the Internet
    • Scheduled and on-demand telephone conferencing
    • Online community telephone conferencing/discussions. Anybody can join at anytime
  • Send me an instant message
    • I own this domain,, and set it up to demonstrate what we can do with SMS text messaging.
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