Safety on the Internet

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Danger lurks on the Internet. There are those who would do you intentional harm, and other threats exist that were meant to be harmless, such as incompatible or poorly written software, and an excessive build-up of cached files.

How do you protect yourself from Internet threats? Add your own tips. Edit this page.

Protect Yourself

  • Use Software to Detect Potential Threats
    • WinPatrol protects by monitoring changes to your system in real-time.
    • Use Trend Micro's Hijack This! and other tools.
  • Optimize Your PC by Reducing Internet and PC Clutter
  • Online Tools
    • Is it really a virus? Check your suspicious file against 40+ anti-virus engines at VirusTotal. This free service quickly detects viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.
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