Establishing a Corporation

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--WikiSysop 10:11, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

Our Co-operative association is a non-profit organization serving as a hub for members who may wish to engage in business, outside of the co-op, for profit.

We are considering the possibility of setting up limited liability corporations (LLC) to serve the needs of our membership. Members of the co-op may establish these corporations and own them as individuals. The corporations established from within the co-op do not belong to the co-op. However, only members in the co-op may own all or part of the corporations. These corporations shall exist to serve the needs of members in our co-op. As such, everyone who owns part of these corporations must be a member of the co-op.

Currently, we have been considering the establishment of corporation to provide transportation services. Our members may need to purchase, sell, lease, or otherwise require transportation services. Therefore, the establishment of a transportation corporation is a good idea. =-=
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