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BiStar Co-operative - Empowering people through modern technology.

This public BETA wiki was created on January 27, 2010
David Huett
--WikiSysop 15:43, 28 January 2010 (UTC)

Your purpose here is to reach your full potential by combining your mind and capabilities through modern communications technology with other members. See Self-Actualization

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The BiStar Cooperative's Official Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish specialized methods, institutions, and committees for the mutual benefit of all. We use communication methods enhanced by modern technology to discover opportunities and provide the means to act on them. We inform, educate, motivate, and connect our members.


Why this Wiki?

My name is David Huett. I am the Sysop for this wiki.

I set this wiki up for members of the BiStar Co-operative Association. Anybody can create or edit the pages in this wiki.

It is our intention to build a library of documentation here using this wiki as the central hub for the advancement of the BiStar Co-operative Association.

The keyword here is cooperative. From my observations, in most human interactions people are accustomed to taking sides, positions, from where they consider giving in to the 'opponent' a sign of weakness. '

In my opinion, assuming a position with a steadfast unwillingness to consider the other parties interests is the real weakness. This leads to conflict, standoffs, and delays. Time is better spent considering one's interests rather than one's position. All parties should cooperate with each other to discover a mutually beneficial solution, rather than competing with each other to preserve their positions. The goal should be discovering a win-win solution rather than competing for win-lose.

Getting What You Want Out of Life
Click this image once for more information, and again for full size. Methods.png

 Before proceeding, you might want to read What is a Co-op?.
 A cooperative (also referred to as a co-op)is a form of business 
 ownership that consists of a group of people who have joined together 
 to perform a business function more efficiently than each individual 
 could do alone. The purpose of a cooperative is not to make a profit 
 for itself, but to improve each member's situation.  more...

Introducing the BiStar Co-op

Since, before the dawn of civilization people have physically gathered to share resources and trade amongst themselves in a cooperative manner. Now, we have the technology to communicate in new ways. It is no longer necessary to meet in person. Still, when people live in close proximity it is easier for them to be effective. Therefore, we are initially based in Kansas City. We may expand into other localities in time. That's up to our membership.

The Internet allows for new and more powerful ways to exercise our age-old cooperative human nature. This cooperative group is free to explore any role from trade exchanges, work groups, food groups, business functions, as well as car pooling and babysitting. It shall, however remain a non-profit organization.

We have decided to eliminate problems caused by authorities within a bureaucratic structure So, in order to guarantee every member the highest level of respect, we have adopted the use of formal consensus. This is different from majority rule as every member must approve before a motion is passed. This method grants EVERY member veto power regardless of position or seniority.

This co-op is not open to the general public at large. Anyone may apply, but membership is by approval only. Existing members, or an elected committee, shall decide if a new applicants may join our co-op.

Management by Consensus Decision Making

We shall use consensus decision making rather than majority rule to decide on proposals. This system insures that minority positions have more power than they would in a majority rule based system, such as Robert's Rules of Order.

The whole shall, most likely, establish officers and committees to run day-to-day business affairs of the co-op. These groups shall always be held accountable to the entire membership.

Communication Services

Good communication is vital for any organizations success. Therefore, I have been exploring this area for years.

I feel that telephone services are most important for our co-op with Internet services coming in second. Please take a look and let me know what you think.


It took many years to plan and build the infrastructure for the BiStar Co-op. It is something like building a shopping mall. For years, it is being constructed but there are no people working the stores or shopping. Likewise, I've spent years considering our organizational structure, evaluating, and putting the communication services we need in place. For many years, there were no members. Now, we have a few. We are just moving in. So, we don't have many projects going yet. It's best to start out small, and grow. From tiny seeds, mighty oaks grow.

We had a few smokers that gained already by getting disposable lighters for about $0.125 each. Retail is about $1.00. As an exercise, we also monitored automobiles. We could have purchased a car from a dealer for $200 with a sticker price of $1,999.99. We also discovered a source where we can buy truckloads of tools, furniture, and more for about $7,000 a truckload. We don't have enough members yet to do this.

The concept is that our members should never profit off each other, they should profit together! In time, we shall accomplish great things.

Learning Resources

I have found several eBooks and reports in PDF format relating to our mission. You can download them from here. Since, some people have trouble viewing PDF files, I've also converted them into HTML here. Be aware that the PDF into HTML conversions might be a bit sloppy.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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